The 27th of May, 2019 was a paper free day; a warm embrace of the tropical sun kissing our skin, whilst sipping the euphoria of excitement anticipating the experience to be, in the luxury of Bali’s seven-star hotel, Mulia.

The natural canopies and garden landscape provided an aesthetic blend of a tropical playground, encouraging the inner child to explore; whilst being grounded on the familiar feel of sun warmed pebbles. The cozy structure and intricate designs of the hotel clearly defines the generous and creative hands of Bali; an expression of their culture and history.

All enjoyed the sumptuous banquet which elaborated on a fusion of cuisines across the globe; each had its own historical facets – guaranteeing satisfaction to the taste buds.

The variety of food and drinks offered a unique perspective and opportunity to share inti-mate moments with colleagues, discuss personal matters of interest, and above all build a good rapport with everyone.
The day ended with the teachers wearing their biggest and unbridled smiles – perpetuating the love and bond that was sincerely shared.

by Rodolfo A. Probitchado Jr.