On Thursday the 9th of Taman Rama School Jimbaran celebrated the World Mother’s Day.

Most students were touched and some even shed tears in appreciation of their mother’s sacrifices. The event was more intensified when Ms. Susi addressed the assembly by giving her personal story and feelings about her experiences of being a mother.

Select students from different grade levels gathered a band to perform the song “You Raise Me Up” in dedication to all the mothers.

The school hall on the third floor, was transformed into an avenue for students to recall the importance of a mother’s love and life. This was done through a fifteen minute film about the roles and rights of all mothers.

The students were exposed to different situations where a mum plays an important role. This compiled short film stirred their hearts and minds that mothers are not just limited to biological mothers, but motherly love may be found in our fathers, nannies, sisters, friends and also our teachers.

The celebration ended with all the female teachers on stage being thanked by their students for being a second mum to them.

This is indeed a momentous occasion in the lives of the students where they are reminded once again of the importance of their mothers.

by Krisha J. Escorido