Today was a day to celebrate, a day to remember all the hardships and experiences

witnessed throughout their school life. It was a day for the graduating students to express their gratitude to the their teachers and fellow students.

All events today were introduced by grade 11 IPA students Jeremiah and Owens. Despite predominantly being a school of many ethnicities, it was surprising that most of the performances be based around Korean contemporary dance. Following the introduction from the days MCs, the event started with grade 9 student Kishin, giving an introductory speech about his and his fellow classmates experiences and the hopes for the future. A beautiful song by five of our school’s most talented singers; Timothy (grade 7A), Georgina (grade 9), Kishin (grade 9), Jasmine (grade 11 IPA) and Nadya (grade 12 IPA) really conveyed the love and warmth of the students.

Some music this time, with Grade 10 MIPA’s class band featuring; Adenata on drums, Deverel on vocals, Billy on lead guitar, Hansen on bass and Ajay on rhythm guitar, their number spiced up the event with a that touch of music that was much needed. Once the crowds had settled down, the grade 12s gave a speech represented by IPS student Erdin whose sarcastic and jovial speech made a few laugh in his class. The next events show-cased more dancing from the grade 10 MIPA, featuring students: Olga, Angel, Kezia,

Evelyn and Grace. Their performance was a showcase of mix ‘Korean’ dance. Following the grade 10s performance, grade 9 followed up the dance program with more ‘Korean’ dance – this time Hip-Hop. Grade 11 IPA’s student Jasmine followed up with a very long and expressive ‘Korean’ sensual dance. The stage was then taken by the grade 9 and 12 students combined to create their band ‘Iridescent Flame’ to perform, more, ‘Korean’ dance. Finally, the event closed with a very moving song by the grade 11 IPA class band, the song.

It was a wonderful morning for the students to show off their talents and pay regards to their fellow school students.

by Richard D. Booth, M.A.