Taman Rama School Jimbaran celebrated its 2019 English Week Celebration from April 1st to 5th at The Third Floor Hall.
The program started at 11 o’clock in the morning with Matilda (Grade VIII) opening and delivering a news about the said celebration. It was then followed by an oratorical speech by Nico (Grade VII-A) and a sassy declamation piece by Gabby (Grade VII-B).
Everybody’s attention was caught by the beautiful stage play performance of the Grade IX as they portrayed the Disney movie Frozen. The event ended with a splendid poetry reading by Niken (Grade VII-B).
The second day was another exciting day for the students as they witnessed a poetry choir by the Grade VIII students. They then watched a video recording of some Grade IX students doing the Disney movie dubbing. Students were delighted as they witnessed the live drama performance and singing of another stage play of the Disney movie Tangled. Before the day ended, Miss Krisha J. Escorido, the English teacher of the Junior High School, also shared and read one of her favourite poems on stage.
Fourth Day was allotted for Senior High School students under Mr. Richard D. Booth M.A., who also read one of his favourite poems in front of the audience. The Grade X-MIPA brought the venue to Hogwarts as they did their own version of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.
The Fifth and final day of the week-long celebration was jumped-packed! It started with Grade X-IPS sweeping off the audiences’ feet as they took the audience to Neverland for the story Peter Pan. This was followed by a heartwarming family drama of the Grade XI-MIPA. In their play, they also included using recyclable materials as they played live songs.
Mr. Jeff Cendana, head of the English Department, concluded the 2019 English Week Celebration by expressing his gratitude and thanks to everyone who had helped in making the event successful. He gave special thanks to the participants who exerted so much effort in practicing, making props and even renting costumes to make the celebration grandiose. Truly, English Week Celebration is something that exposes the hidden talents of the students. It was another success in the wings of Taman Rama Jimbaran, something that students will anticipate every year.

by Krisha J. Escorido