1. In order to foster school unity and to ensure healthy competition among the students, all co-curricular activities of the school are conducted by House. The entire strength of the school is grouped into four houses: Kartini House, Lincoln House, Tagore House, Tolstoy House
    Throughout the school year we hold inter-house competitions in sports, performing arts, English language skills, debating & public speaking, poetry reading and others
  2. Performing & Visual Arts: Artistic expression is an integral part of the Taman Rama School experience. Our performing and fine arts program offers students the opportunity to develop their skills and talents in a wide variety of creative endeavours. A professional and experienced creative arts faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and co-curricular arts programs, all support the school’s significant commitment to quality education in the arts.
    • a. Traditional Indonesian & Balinese dance and music classes
    • b. Traditional & Modern Indian dance classes
    • c. Arts & Craft studio classes
    • d. Theatre & Drama classes
    • e. Open Air Exhibition Space
    • f. Art Competitions are held regularly
  3. The School holds special functions in observation of International Children’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Teacher’s Day, Earth Day, Gandhi and Kartini’s Birthdays.
  4. In light of our multi-religious community at school, ceremony or celebrations are held to respect all the religions, such as; Sarasvati Prayer, Breaking Fast, Imlek, Fun Fair and others.
  5. An ‘Open House’ is held annually. The general public is welcome to observe our teachers and children in action.
  6. An ‘Education Fair’ is held annually to help the student to choose their higher education. On Education Fair, the parent and student can obtain detail information about Indonesian & overseas college / university.
  7. The school aims to provide each student with at least one fun excursion and one educational field trip each academic year. Fun excursions take place in Semester 1 and educational field trips are in Semester 2. Parents are required to give their consent and update contact details by completing and returning Permission Forms before each trip
  8. Throughout the year our school visits and makes donations to the needy school/student, senior citizen centres, orphanages and crisis centres. Such visits are intended not only to make donations but also stage cultural performances, and interact with the residents. Such programmes are aimed at developing the social skills of the students.
  9. The school offers a variety of extra-curricular activities held after school hours. These activities provide students with a creative outlet for their energy and talent. Every child is expected to participate in at least one activity per semester.